About Us

About Us


Capability :

We are proud to work with many world class companies like Acer, Hitachi, Honeywell. Over the years, we have learned a great deal of expertise in a number of markets that enable us to assist our customers and provide services that create breakthrough improvements in business execution. Our target is not only to provide high quality product at a competitive price, but also partner with customer from engineering development and prototyping to systems intergration, test and pack-out. It is likely to be one-stop-shop service.

Project Transition:
  1. We are highly skilled at helping customers transition from consignment, system trunkey manufacturing through box build (PCBA level through system build, integration, test and pack-out)
  2. Low to high volume products, short runs, engineering builds and prototypes
  3. Current engineering of new OEM product with PCB DRC prior to PCB fabrication. For Mechanism, PRO-E, Solid Works and Autocad
  4. Cross-functional program manager are assigned to each account for customized service
  5. Centralized point-of-contact for change control driven by customer's ECO process.
  6. Customer Satisfaction conducted

Manufacturing Skill :

  • IPC-A-610D class 2 certified personel and Standard Operational Process reviewed by Product engineer and applied to all product manufacturing.
  • Assembly skill including AI, PTH and SMD 0.4mm fine pitch,0201 package, Micro BGA)
  • Lead Free production is running for enviromental protection
  • In-circuti and Functional Test applied according to customers' requirement
  • Failure analysis and Product Repair Engineering

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